Cristiano Ronaldo - The Story DVD

Cristiano Ronaldo - The Story DVD
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Die DVD betrachtet die bisherige Karriere vom Weltfussballer des Jahres 2008 bei Manchester... mehr
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Die DVD betrachtet die bisherige Karriere vom Weltfussballer des Jahres 2008 bei Manchester United.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is the perfect footballer. He is a natural leader on the field, with his inspiring runs, powerful strikes and uncanny ability to find the back of the net. Despite his tender age he has lead both Manchester United and Portugal to victory on countless occasions with ease. Off the field he is the ultimate marketing machine, women and men alike adore him and his young fans mimic in every way they can from his football boots to even copying his hairstyle. So, what is it about Ronaldo that has the football world in awe? Throughout this program we chart the young superstar s career from his birth in Madeira in 1985, to his first game for Sporting Lisbon at the tender age of 16. We take a look at his career at Manchester United and his contribution to the club's dominance of the Premier League whilst comparing him to previous Manchester United legends who have worn the famous number 7. We also follow his international career with Portugal and explore the players who influenced him at this level in particular Portuguese legends Luis Figo and Eusebio as well as hearing what Pele, one of the greatest players of all time, thinks of this young talent. Finally this fascinating documentary takes an in-depth look at what lies ahead for Ronaldo including the rumours of which club he will play for next, why his fans love him so much as well as comparing him to other great, young players of World football. Discover the true story behind the football hero, including rare footage from on an off the pitch this fascinating program offers an insight into one of the greatest players to grace the world stage in recent years.

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