History of the TT 1907 - 2013 2er DVD

History of the TT 1907 - 2013 2er DVD
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Die Geschichte der Isle of Man TT von Beginn (1907) bis zum Event 2013. Offizielle... mehr
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Die Geschichte der Isle of Man TT von Beginn (1907) bis zum Event 2013.

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This is the story of the Isle of Man TT from its beginning in 1907 to the record-breaking 2013 meeting.

For over 100 years the TT has attracted the best and bravest riders to challenge the mighty 37.73-mile Mountain Course. This definitive history of the TT explores the heritage of the world’s most famous real road race.

Superb footage, revealing interviews and thoroughly researched commentary tells the story of the TT from its humble beginnings to the ultra-fast modern era. Based on the highly acclaimed three-part Isle of Man TT Races video series, this two-DVD set contains revised, updated and extended footage, plus additional material covering the triumphs, tragedies, controversies and record-breaking performances right through to 2013, when Michael Dunlop, John McGuinness, James Hillier and Michael Rutter set new records across the solo classes.

Compiled from the highlights of thousands of hours of archive footage, The History of the TT also includes dozens of specially recorded interviews with riders, officials and personalities.

This comprehensive record of iconic race also includes a special tribute to one of the TT’s greatest racers and ambassadors, Joey Dunlop.

 Plus, this two-DVD set includes Sounds of the TT 1957-1968. Enjoy the glorious sounds of the TT during a golden era for motorcycle racing, from Manx Norton to the Yamaha 125/4. You will be enthralled by more than 70 sounds of legendary bikes and riders on ‘full song’ at the TT.

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