Ulster Grand Prix 2014 DVD

Ulster Grand Prix 2014 DVD
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Die Zusammenfassung vom Ulster Grand Prix 2014. Offizielle Artikelbeschreibung The... mehr
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Die Zusammenfassung vom Ulster Grand Prix 2014.

Offizielle Artikelbeschreibung

The Official Review of the 2014 Ulster Grand Prix Road Races brings you the full highlights of the fastest motorcycle race in the World.

Ask real road racers which is the best circuit on the calendar and many will tell you that the Dundrod Circuit holds a special place in their hearts.

The Mountain Course might be trickier, the Triangle might have longer straights and more opportunity for overtaking but the Dundrod is a real racer’s course.

Deer’s Leap, Flowbog, Wheeler’s, Joey’s Windmill, Lougher’s  - to road race fans these are hallowed names, evocative of the fastest circuit still in use.

Bruce Anstey’s 133.975mph lap in 2010 ensured the UGP’s place in the record books - only Barry Sheene's magnificent 135mph lap of the old Spa-Francorchamps circuit is faster.

In 2014 the softly spoken Kiwi they call Bruce Almighty came to the Dundrod Circuit with the bit between his teeth. Newly crowned as the fastest man ever to lap the Mountain Course he was all out to show the field just what he was all about.

What followed was one of the most sensational meetings in the long history of the Ulster Grand Prix.

Sit back and enjoy the full highlights of the World’s fastest road races as Bruce Anstey, Guy Martin, Michael Dunlop, Dan Kneen, Peter Hickman, Keith Amor, William Dunlop and Dean Harrison go to work.

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