Armoy Road Races 2014 DVD

Armoy Road Races 2014 DVD
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Die Zusammenfassung und alle Highlights der Armoy Road Races 2014. Offizielle... mehr
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Die Zusammenfassung und alle Highlights der Armoy Road Races 2014.

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The Official Review of the 2014 Armoy Road Races brings you the full highlights of one of  the most exciting and evocative races on the calendar

The roads around Armoy were the proving ground for the gilded generation of Northern Irish Road racers who became known as the “Armoy Armada.”

Mervyn Robinson,  Frank Kennedy and Joey Dunlop used the lanes to test their bikes, and themselves, before doing battle with Ray McCullough and the Dromara Destroyers.

The Armoy Road Races are a fitting tribute to these great men and give their modern day successors the chance to show their skills on the self-same roads.

The 2014 event, despite the occasional downpour, showed once more why Armoy is becoming a firm favourite with the fans.

Guy Martin, Keith Amor, William and Michael Dunlop and Dan Kneen were amongst the road racing stars who put on a fantastic show for the crowds.

In the feature ‘Race of Legends’ fittingly it was the Dunlop name once more triumphant but it was far from being a runaway victory.

The Official Review features full highlights of all the main races in brilliant quality and the excellent commentary puts you right in the heart of the action.

If you were there you can relive the excitement, if you missed it you can catch up with the very best of what the Irish roads have to offer.

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