History of the Philadelphia Eagles 2 DVDs

History of the Philadelphia Eagles 2 DVDs
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Die Geschichte der Philadelphia Eagles mit den größten Spielen und unzähligen... mehr
Produktinformationen "History of the Philadelphia Eagles 2 DVDs"

Die Geschichte der Philadelphia Eagles mit den größten Spielen und unzähligen Highlights auf 2 DVDs.

Side #1 -- Disc 1

1. Open [2:31]

2. Birth of the Birds [7:11]

3. The Fabulous 40's [8:04]

4. Characters of the Fifties [11:45]

5. 1960 - A Team With Nothing But a Title [11:40]

6. Era of Error [6:51]

7. Building a Winner [6:31]

8. Kings of the NFC [9:20]

9. Burnout and the Buddy System [7:19]

10. High Times and Hard Times [10:05]

11. Rhode to the Playoffs [6:04]

12. Big Red Arrives [6:30]

13. So Close [13:21]

Side #2 -- Disc 2

1. Phanatics [9:49]

2. Banana Republic [8:29]

3. Remember When... [8:41]

4. Implosion Day [7:14]

5. Still Home [4:47]

6. Never Forget the Vet [3:01]



The All-Time Greats

Steve Van Buren 1948 Championship Reunion

Chuck Bednarik last of the 60-minute men

Wilbert Montgomery: The Silent Soldier

Reggie White 1987 Defensive Player of the year

Donovan McNabb: The Franchise

The All-Time Great Personalities

Leonard Tose: High times and Hard falls

Jerome Brown: The free spirit

Bucko Kilroy: The dirtiest bird

Vince Papale: "Rocky" in cleats

Tommy McDonald: Mini-maverick


The Coaches

Bert Bell

Dick Vermeil

The Championships

1948-49 NFL Champion Eagles

1960 NFL Champion Eagles

The Bizarre

The Fog Bowl

The Miracle of the Meadowlands

The Rivalry

Eagles vs. Cowboys

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This set is a complete history of one of the NFL's oldest franchises, beginning with the Eagles' founding in 1933 by the legendary Bert Bell through the team's loss in last year's NFC Championship game. Along the way we'll relive some of the most memorable -and infamous - moments in team history.

They've won three National Football League championships, appeared in one Super Bowl and produced legendary sports figures such as Steve Van Buren, Chuck Bednarik, Norm Van Brocklin, Tommy McDonald, Dick Vermeil, Randall Cunningham, Reggie White and Donovan McNabb. They've called five stadiums "home," including Veterans Stadium with the 700-level that's reached folkloric proportions.

Go behind the scenes and out on the field with unparalleled access to sidelines and rousing talks inside the huddles with the players that proudly wear midnight green. Through spectacular game footage, stirring memoirs and in-depth interviews, these action-packed DVDs bring the team to life like never before. No history of the Eagles like this has ever been attempted - it's a sure bet to please one of the NFL's most loyal fan bases.   

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