NFC Champions 2004 - Philadelphia Eagles DVD

NFC Champions 2004 - Philadelphia Eagles DVD
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Die Highlights von den Philadelphia Eagles aus der Saison 2004. 1. Prologue/Open [3:56] 2.... mehr
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Die Highlights von den Philadelphia Eagles aus der Saison 2004.

1. Prologue/Open [3:56]

2. Eagles vs. Giants [2:20]

3. Eagles vs. Vikings [2:09]

4. Eagles at Lions [:55]

5. Eagles at Bears [:40]

6. Eagles vs. Panthers [2:53]

7. Eagles at Browns [1:56]

8. Eagles vs. Ravens [3:05]

9. Eagles at Steelers [1:27]

10. Eagles at Cowboys [2:41]

11. Eagles vs. Redskins [:50]

12. Eagles at Giants [2:08]

13. Eagles vs. Packers [3:44]

14. Eagles at Redskins [1:07]

15. Eagles vs. Cowboys [2:40]

16. Eagles at Rams [:38]

17. Eagles vs. Bengals [2:08]

18. Eagles vs. Vikings [4:08]

19. Eaglse vs. Falcons [10:19]

20. Eagles vs. Patriots [4:36]


2004 NFC Championship Game

McNabb Football Camp

Trotter Car Wash

Reno Mahe Hosts Dinner

Dhani Jones Football Camp

McNabb Goes to School

Eagles Build a Playground

Douglas Pass Rush Tips

Offizielle Artikelbeschreibung

The 2004 Eagles secured their place in Philadelphia history by winning the franchise's first NFC Championship in almost a quarter century. They closed out the season with an NFC-best 13-3 record and treated their fans to a 7-game winning streak in the process.

Offensive leader Donovan McNabb not only completed a record 64% of passes thrown for 3,875 yards, but became the first quarterback in NFL history to finish a season with over 30 touchdown passes and fewer than 10 interceptions. Rounding out their balanced attack was their vaunted defense, which ranked second in the NFL for points allowed and sacks.

In the Divisional Playoff, the Eagles stormed to a 27-14 victory over the Minnesota Vikings, advancing to the NFC Championship. There, they vanquished the Atlanta Falcons 27-10 to earn a long-overdue shot at Super Bowl immortality.

Relive the Eagles' inspiring 2004 march to the top of the NFC, plus get an up close and personal look behind the scenes with amazing bonus features. The Philadelphia Eagles rush headlong into the future, poised on the brink of glory.

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