Super Bowl Collection - Dallas Cowboys 2 DVDs

Super Bowl Collection - Dallas Cowboys 2 DVDs
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Erlebt die schönsten Super-Bowl-Momente der Dallas Cowboys auf 2 DVDs. Disc #1 -- Dallas... mehr
Produktinformationen "Super Bowl Collection - Dallas Cowboys 2 DVDs"

Erlebt die schönsten Super-Bowl-Momente der Dallas Cowboys auf 2 DVDs.

Disc #1 -- Dallas Cowboys: Super Bowl Champions

1. Year of the Defense [6:28]

2. The Offense Adjusts [10:27]

3. In the Zone [7:20]

4. A Tale of Two Teams [9:35]

5. Cowboys Gain Control [8:47]

6. A Day in the Sun [5:52]

1. Offensive Artists [11:26]

2. Hard Hits & Big Plays [7:00]

3. Super Bowl Glory [3:43]

4. Slow Start [10:57]

5. 3rd Quarter Swoon [6:22]

6. 4th Quarter Finale [5:12]

1. Sounds, Stumbles & Silliness [13:46]

2. Gurus & Guides [7:48]

3. Peaks & Valleys [8:08]

4. Heroics & Showmanship [7:57]

5. Top of the Heap [6:43]

6. Turnovers & Touchdowns [8:11]

7. Goal-Line Stand [6:51]

8. Dallas Dominance [7:07]

Disc #2 -- Dallas Cowboys: Super Bowl Champions

1. Sounds of a Season [5:01]

2. Big Plays & Golden Moments [15:42]

3. Best of the Best [7:46]

4. Adversity & Resilience [9:35]

5. Power of the Champions [6:11]

6. Underdogs on Top [11:03]

7. Walking the Walk [5:51]

8. Back to Back [5:15]

1. Path to Greatness [5:07]

2. Respect, Love & Passion [8:19]

3. NFC Showdown [8:38]

4. AFC Heart [6:03]

5. Championship Dreams [7:49]

6. Duel in the Desert [6:53]

7. Terrible Turnover [11:02]

8. Team of the 90's [4:39]


Duane Thomas

Bob Lilly

QB Controversy

Waters & Harris

Jimmy Johnson

Michael Irvin

Emmitt Smith

Larry Brown

Offizielle Artikelbeschreibung

With their record eight Super Bowl appearances, five NFL Championship titles, seven Hall of Famers and a Texas-sized roster of mega-talents, the Dallas Cowboys have rightfully earned the name "America's Team." Among the towering figures that have shaped this storied franchise are Roger Staubach, Randy White, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and coaching great Tom Landry.

Relive all the best moments from Dallas's five Super Bowl victories - From their steamrolling of the Miami Dolphins for their first NFL title in Super Bowl VI to Larry Brown's heroic game saving interceptions in Super Bowl XXX. Brace yourself for an exhilarating run down memory lane and witness some of the best Super Bowl moments ever, including:

- The Cowboys defeat the Dolphins 24-3 for their first Lombardi trophy in Super Bowl XI.

- Defensive leaders Harvey Martin and Randy White's co-MVP performances in Super Bowl XII.

- Troy Aikman's efficient passing to return Dallas to greatness in Super Bowl XXVII.

- Emmitt Smith's decisive rushing effort for 132 yards secure Dallas' victory in Super Bowl XXVIII.

- Larry Brown's two interceptions that earned MVP honors in Super Bowl XXX.

This spectacular DVD features over five hours of Super Bowl game footage, season highlights, interviews and commentary from the legends that made Dallas one of the most dominating clubs NFL history.  

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