Greatest Follies Volume 3 DVD

Greatest Follies Volume 3 DVD
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Volume 3 der Missgeschicke der Stars. Disc #1 -- NFL Greatest Follies 1. A Game of Luck... mehr
Produktinformationen "Greatest Follies Volume 3 DVD"

Volume 3 der Missgeschicke der Stars.

Disc #1 -- NFL Greatest Follies

1. A Game of Luck [7:03]

2. Pre-Game Fun [7:53]

3. The Zen Master [4:51]

4. Mascots Gone Wild [6:10]

5. The Art of Celebrating [8:09]

6. Boxers or Briefs? [7:12]

7. Crunch Time [3:17]

1. Spelling Bee [5:29]

2. Sideline Snacks [8:33]

3. Referees vs. Mascots [7:27]

4. Crazy Fans [3:55]

5. Nature's Call [7:29]

6. Returners vs. Dogs [7:22]

7. The Big Play [4:21]

Offizielle Artikelbeschreibung

NFL FILMS - home of the Frozen Tundra, America's Team, and the Championship Chase - presents all the stuff that didn't quite make it into those highlight films. The NFL's Greatest Follies: Volume 3 doesn't capture moments in time - it releases them into the wild and then speeds away before they can get back in the car. Featuring two programs full of slips, drops, and utter madness, The NFL's Greatest Follies: Volume 3 provides, for the first time, answers to these and so many more long-pondered questions: -Who has a rougher job - mascots or referees? -What would you give for your favorite uniform number? -Do those tailgating maniacs have jobs or do they live in the stadium parking lot? -And (of course) what happens when players have to go to the bathroom during a game? The NFL's Greatest Follies is a two-disc DVD set containing the wildest, weirdest, wackiest moments you've never seen on Sunday afternoons. Produced by those madcaps at NFL Films, the NFL's Greatest Follies is a must for any football fan, just as long as they don't mind their players being a tad silly.

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Laufzeit: 90 Minuten
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