History of the New York Jets 2 DVDs

History of the New York Jets 2 DVDs
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Die Geschichte der New York Jets mit den größten Spielen und unzähligen... mehr
Produktinformationen "History of the New York Jets 2 DVDs"

Die Geschichte der New York Jets mit den größten Spielen und unzähligen Highlights auf 2 DVDs.

Disc #1 -- NFL: History of the New York Jets

1. Open [1:08]

2. High Anxiety [4:53]

3. The Joy of Suffering [1:47]

4. The Heartbreak Kids [2:15]

5. Eternal Optimists [3:33]

6. The Team That Time Forgot [8:36]

7. Jet Age [2:18]

8. Decline and Fall [1:37]

9. Broadway Joe [5:58]

10. Building a Champion [5:39]

11. I Guarantee It [13:48]

12. Laying the Foundation [4:49]

13. 1982 [4:05]

14. Jets Rising [9:39]

15. The Lean Years [4:32]

16. Return to Repectability [3:53]

17. Triumph in '98 [6:46]

18. The End of an Era [3:17]

19. You Play the Game to Win [8:40]

20. Bright Past, Proud Future [3:12]

Disc #2 -- NFL: History of the New York Jets

1. Defining American Footaball [3:25]

2. The Guarantee [5:40]

3. Keep It Simple [10:45]

4. Flea Picker [12:39]

5. The Cowboy [1:18]

6. Defense Wins Games [12:39]

7. Enter the Legend [7:05]

8. The Final Minutes [8:35]

9. After the Turning Point [4:06]


Curtis Martin

Heman Edwards

Wayne Cherbet

Kings of New York

Duel of the Masters

Dolphins/Jets Rivalry

Super Bowl III - An All-Star Salute

Joe & the Magic Bean

The Coaches

The Midnight Miracle

1968 Jets Highlight

1998 Jets Highlights

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For the first time ever, you can own the Complete History of the New York Jets in a 2-disc set loaded with all the defining moments and enhanced content a Jets' fan could ever want. From the vast emptiness of the Polo Grounds to the thunderous roar of the Meadowlands, NFL Films documents the incredible history of the New York Jets. Covering 47 seasons of passion, J-E-T-S takes you from the dismal hilarity of the early years, through the Joe Namath era, the New York Sack Exchange, the heartbreak kids of 1986 right up to the Eric Mangini era of today. The history of the New York Jets is unlike any other in the history of the NFL. Born into anonymity, formed on the consistent verge of bankruptcy, to love the Jets is to dream. In January of 1969, the dream became reality as the Jets overcame the greatest odds in sports history to win Super Bowl III. But the euphoria of an incredible upset came at a price - for the next thirty-eight seasons the Jets would suffer one heartbreaking post-season loss after another. And yet Jets fans remain firm in their hope and their loyalty. Each year, the Jets are in the hunt-and their fans believe that each season will be the one to reclaim the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Since 1960 some of the game's greatest heroes, and anti-heroes have performed in front of the game's most loyal football fans. This is their story.

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