Get Coached - The Complete Series 5 DVDs

Get Coached - The Complete Series 5 DVDs
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Lasst euch coachen von Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, Mike Singletary und Bobby Bowden.... mehr
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Lasst euch coachen von Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, Mike Singletary und Bobby Bowden.

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This is a series of motivational DVDs unlike anything else on the market! GET COACHED features some of the biggest names and most well-respected coaches in the history of professional and college football. Each coach has their own DVD and speaks directly to the viewer about how to make meaningful and lasting life changes in a dynamic, engaging and no-nonsense style.

Victor 1 GET COACHED: Super Bowl champions Mike Ditka, Rex Ryan, Sean Payton, Mike Singletary, and legendary college coach Bobby Bowden, translate the secrets of their success on the field into an arsenal of insight and strategies for success in the real world. Business professionals, athletes, students, parents, anyone looking for the ultimate competitive edge and a winning mindset to tackle everyday challenges, will find the 20-plus, on-demand bursts of wisdom and inspiration on each coach s DVD invaluable when facing everyday challenges. If life is a game you want to win, GET COACHED by proven winners and some of the greatest motivators of our time.


Victor 1 GET COACHED by MIKE DITKA features one of two men ever to win Super Bowls as player, assistant coach and head coach. A fierce competitor, TV sports commentator and businessman, "Iron Mike" demands TOTAL COMMITMENT from himself, from those around him, and from you on his new motivational DVD. Delivered in rapid-fire, tell it like it is Ditka style, 25 topics like Define Success , Own Your Actions, Adapting to Change, Yours for the Taking and Fight Another Day give you instant access to a lifetime of experience and solid strategies for success.


Victor 1 GET COACHED BY BOBBY BOWDEN features one of the winningest coaches in college football history. Legendary Florida State football Bobby Bowden has lead his teams to championship victories over seven different decades. The man knows how to motivate players, teams and you. As a faith-based inspirational speaker, Coach Bowden has addressed hundreds of thousands of people seeking an even higher greatness, and now, with 23 topical chapters including Stewardship, Integrity Proving Ground Play to Win and Invite God In , he brings his best inspiration, advice to you. Old, young, all can learn to achieve great things through Bowden's experiences with GOD, FAMILY AND FOOTBALL on this Victor 1 GET COACHED DVD.


In this Victor 1 GET COACHED DVD, two time defensive player of the year, Super Bowl champion, Hall of Fame inductee and current 49ers head coach Mike Singletary shows that drive, focus, loyalty and faith are unmatched assets in sports...and in life. This great player, coach, motivator, ordained minister, and true believer now shares his vision of faith in 21 intense, on-demand chapters including Lead Where You Are, Inner Greatness, Overcoming Adversity, Constructive Criticism, Innovation and Forgiveness. 


In this new Victor 1 GET COACHED DVD, Sean Payton shows the importance of Aiming High, and reveals what it takes to win at anything and everything you set out to do in life. As head coach of the 2010 Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, Payton knows how to face up to great adversity and great challenges, and win. Now, in 21 individual, concise chapters on his DVD, including No Shortcuts, Plan Your Success, Risk/Reward, Honesty , Delivering Results and Define Your Reputation, delivered in straight-forward Sean Payton style, he helps you set, define and achieve the goals in your own life.


In this new Victor 1 GET COACHED DVD, Rex Ryan shares his hard won insights and actionable strategies for putting your life on the winning track. As head coach of the resurgent New York Jets and son of coaching legend Buddy Ryan, Coach Ryan knows what it takes to get the top job. You've got to want it, plan it and Give It All You Got. Teamwork, Earning Loyalty, Handling Disappointment, and No Excuses are among the 20 concise, direct, no-nonsense Rex Ryan approaches to getting what you want out of life.

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