Formel 1 Saison Rückblick 2020 DVD

Formel 1 Saison Rückblick 2020 DVD
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Ausführliche Zusammenfassung der Formel 1 Saison 2020 mit dem siebten Titelgewinn von Lewis... mehr
Produktinformationen "Formel 1 Saison Rückblick 2020 DVD"

Ausführliche Zusammenfassung der Formel 1 Saison 2020 mit dem siebten Titelgewinn von Lewis Hamilton und Sebastian Vettels letztem Jahr im Ferrari.

Offizielle Artikelbeschreibung


Records broken. Legends made. History rewritten.

2020 was the season that could not be stopped.

Sit back, strap in and relive the moments that made the 2020 FIA Formula One World ChampionshipTM one of the most memorable in racing history. 

Climb into the cockpit for every Pole Position lap with onboard cameras pulling you into the action. Experience the drama of 17 Grands Prix™ in 5 months, with commentary from Tom Clarkson, Martin Brundle and David Croft telling the story of a remarkable season – in the midst of remarkable times:

Seventh Heaven for Hamilton and Mercedes

Witness history as Lewis Hamilton claims a seventh FIA Formula 1® Drivers’ World Championship, placing him alongside the great Michael Schumacher as the most successful F1® driver of all time, while Mercedes cement their legacy with a seventh successive FIA Formula 1® Drivers’ and Constructors’ World Championship.

A season of epic unpredictability

Revel in the magic of Monza as Pierre Gasly holds off a charging Carlos Sainz for a maiden victory. Relish the rain-lashed battle in Turkey that kept race fans on the edge of their seats, from start to finish.

The young guns hold their own 

Watch Charles Leclerc conjure performances from his Ferrari that no one thought possible and see Lando Norris storm his way to a first ever podium finish. 2020 provided a truly thrilling glimpse into the future of F1®.

Icons old and new

Mugello, Portimão and Bahrain’s Outer Track hosted the FIA Formula One World Championship™ for the first time, while F1® made a welcome return to two of its most cherished venues: the Nürburgring and Imola.

A battle to the end

The midfield battle between Renault, McLaren, Racing Point and Ferrari was far more than a footnote to this enthralling season. Savour every gut-wrenching moment as it goes right down to the wire.

Take a breath… and get ready to have it taken away. The 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship™ is worth watching over and over again.

 Bonus features:

- Ferrari's Journey to 1000 races

- The passion behind the prancing horse

- Lewis Hamilton Diversity Interview

- Jochen Rindt: The king who was never crowned

- Raikkonen scares Giovinizzi at the Nordschleife

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