World Motocross 2015 Review DVD

World Motocross 2015 Review DVD
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Ausführliche Zusammenfassung der World-Motocross-Saison 2015. Offizielle... mehr
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Ausführliche Zusammenfassung der World-Motocross-Saison 2015.

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You can always rely on the Motocross World Championship to provide drama and excitement in bucketloads which is why the official review always flies off the shelves. With nineteen rounds taking in countries as far removed as Qatar, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Sweden and the UK, the 2015 World Championship was exactly that a Worldwide event for the very best MX riders. Featuring action from every class, race and round this official review is a monster dose of high-flying, berm-busting, elbow-barging fun! As you d expect, the very latest camera technology has been used to put you right into the hotseat including nail-biting onboard footage, drone cameras and overhead shots as well as the brave cameramen who get right in close to the track for the best pictures of the races. With a cast that includes defending champion Tony Cairoli and major contenders like Romain Febvre, Gautier Paulin, Evgeny Bobryshev and Britain s Shaun Simpson, the premier MXGP class was always going to be fiercely contested Even before Cairoli was sidelined with an elbow injury it looked like he d have his work cut out to retain his crown. MX2 saw the previously imperious Herlings take another season ending injury, a broken collarbone that clipped his wings and let Tim Gajser and Pauls Jonass through to take the title battle down to the last couple of rounds. The official review is a brilliant insight into another hardcore season of super-tough competition

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