MotoGP 2000 - 2009 10 DVDs

MotoGP 2000 - 2009 10 DVDs
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10 Jahre MotoGP in diesem Mega-Box-Set. Offizielle Artikelbeschreibung Ten years of... mehr
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10 Jahre MotoGP in diesem Mega-Box-Set.

Offizielle Artikelbeschreibung

Ten years of sensational MotoGP racing from the last years of 500cc two-strokes through the 990cc four-strokes to the 800cc years and the emergence of Ducati and Casey Stoner as a force to be reckoned with.

There are so many great moments included on these official reviews that it is heard to pick any out from the rest but here are a few little samples: Valentino Rossi’s amazing back-to-back wins on Honda and Yamaha bikes in ’03 and ’04, the incredible, nail-biting finale to the 2006 season which saw Nicky Hayden and Rossi in a battle for the title at Valencia, and Ducati breaking the 30 year drought of European manufacturers winning the premier class title.

The decade also saw some notable rivalries – all with the almost invincible Rossi at their heart.

There was Biaggi vs Rossi, Gibernau vs Rossi, Stoner vs Rossi and finally Lorenzo vs Rossi – whether they were genuine or whether the media whipped them up to sell papers it makes watching the seasons back even more exciting and thrilling. A brilliant and necessary part of any collection.

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